This That & Other

This weekend I discovered a new gem for thrifting in downtown Duluth, GA. This That & Other Market Place is a family-owned shop so authentic, it smells of grandma’s house.  

Most of my findings were low-budget decorations and reproduction furniture. But the prices are affordable for collectors and flippers and you could endlessly pick through all kitschy wares that have made their way back into current trends. 

Also, This That & Other has an entire back room full of brass findings (unfortunately my phone died before I could capture them.)

Friday Feature -

It’s minimal, affordable and chic - is one of my favorite online shopping sites and should be yours. 

A collaboration between the Beachmint folks and the Olsen twins (yea, they are budget-friendly billionaires), Stylemint is a shopping club that can help  you streamline your wardrobe between $30-90 a month. Pieces that appeal to the 25-50 year old age range are as much quality as current.

I’ve put together a few looks that show the simple lines and patterns that can be worn everyday this spring and summer. 

Tacoma Dress - Stylemint

Tacoma Dress - $89.97


Mackenzie Dress -$89.97


Van Buren Dress - $89.97


Peters Dress - $59.98


Freeman Pant  - $59.98


Marshall Shirt - $59.98


Adele Top - $59.98


Drexel Top - $29.99