Friday Five

I love weekly features on my favorite blogs. So I’ve created “Friday Five" which will be five activities/ sites/ music/ inspiration that I will challenge myself and any readers to get involved in to keep the weekend productive. <3

1. Buy a Spring Dress is the home of the LOVE clothing collection and currently having a MAJOR sale. It’s the perfect place to buy “day-to-night” dresses. Taking advantage of the sale saves cash and gives me something to look forward to.

Problem is…which one??

2. Set the Stereomood

I cannot work without music. At my desk or cleaning or cooking….I need a score.

Stereomood provides an eclectic playlist for every mood or activity. And if they don’t already have your perfect mix…make your own and share! I’ve been enjoying an “It’s Raining” list. :)

david s.millán BKG

3. Donate a Coat

One Warm Coat an organization where you can both donate and organize a donation event. Spring may have sprung in some communities but there are still many homeless and low-income families in your neighborhood who need your donations. Clean your closet and do something good for the soul.

4. Eat some asparagus

Ok, I just put this in here because I’m making pasta with asparagus tomorrow. But it’s got a ton of vitamins so pick up some and try any of these recipes!

5. Support some Girl Scouts

The brilliant minds over at the Girl Scouts of the USA have realized that the nation is more determined and sugar-addicted than they had hoped. The yearly cookie fundraiser is just as popular today as it was 10 years ago. Now you can locate a Girl Scout Troop in your neighborhood. So buy them all out, put 80% of your purchases in the freezer and tell your friends to “bite me” when you have Thin Mints in November.

So that is my first feature and I hope it gives you some ideas to make your weekend extra special. Enjoy! 

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